When do the Red Sox play next? is the next event of my meetup group? are my favorite TV shows on?

Keep up with the things you love.

Keep Up With The Things You Love

Quando is the easiest way to keep up with all your interests. From your favorite sports teams, TV shows, newsworthy events, your gym’s classes, networking events and more.

Easily follow the things you love with Quando’s ready made schedules, 
and easily share calendars with 
whoever you wish.


Home Screen

Once you have selected your interests that you wish to follow, the next events will be shown on the main screen by date in which they are occurring.

Event Screen

Tapping on an event in the home screen brings up more information about the event.

Here you can set a reminder before the event, share it with your friends on social media or simply remove it from the home screen.

Discover & Add Interests

Browse and search for anything you may be interested in. Add your favorite sports team’s schedule, science or fashion events, organization’s or meetup group’s calendar of events. Quando has over 1000+ calendars and events to choose from and we add more everyday.

Contact us if you wish to add something of your own and let us know what else you would like us to add.


The calendar screen allows you to quickly view the events on a given day..


Quando Beta

Quando is a work in progress.

We are hard at work at creating something that you will enjoy. We hope you help us out as much as possible with comments, suggestions and criticism.

We are adding more and more events and calendars to the app. If you are an event organizer of any kind or simply want to share your calendars and your events with Quando, send us a quick email and we will make that possible.

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Say Hello.

Feel free to contact us with questions, suggestions, comments, and anything else you would like to share with us. Fill out the form below or email us at contact@quandoapp.net.